Why the frog symbol?

You have probably landed on this website because you have recognised that a young person in your care is going through a period of change or transition.  

In which case, the frog is the perfect guide. 

Since the frog passes through a great deal of transformation, from egg to frog, living between water and land, it has, throughout history, been seen as a symbol of adaptability, transition and transformation. 

Just like a frog, we go through many periods of change and transition in our lives, particularly during adolescence. A frog navigates this transition with ease and grace.

During coaching, I will teach the tools to help the young people in your lives to adapt to change with this same sense of ease.

The messages of the frog as a spirit animal are very similar to the messages of NLP:

  • The frog’s song brings rain and cleans the earth. We can do this in our lives too: we can free ourselves from all negative feelings that we no longer need and become stronger and purer. We can renew our perspective or vision. We can clear old opinions and beliefs to adopt a new stance or perspective.
  • Frog spirit cannot endure a toxic environment and so encourages us to move away from the toxic influences in our lives.
  • Frog spirit often comes to people who are not taking care of themselves the way they should at work, in their studies, in a relationship or in terms of lifestyle choices. It encourages us to make the change to live a happier, more fulfilling life.

I help young people to swim through those muddy waters and just like a frog, transform themselves into something new and wonderful so that they can leap forward into a more fulfilling future.