What is NLP?


Imagine learning to drive for the first time. At first, it may all seem very unfamiliar and confusing and you can’t imagine ever being able to do everything that you need to do in the correct order. But then, as you practise, it becomes easier until eventually it becomes second nature and you can do it automatically. This is due to neuroplasticity. Our brains are designed to create new pathways and the more we exercise a particular neural pathway, the stronger it will become. The gap between the nerve endings will become physically smaller as the pathway becomes stronger.

Unfortunately, sometimes our brains create unhelpful neural pathways. For example, we may think that we are not good at something and the more we tell ourselves this, the stronger that neural pathway will become. NLP can help break some of these unhelpful thinking patterns and create new, more helpful ones, which then become our new “normal”.

NLP works on the idea that we all already have all the resources we need inside us to be or do whatever we choose once the “barriers” which we create for ourselves have been removed. It uses various fun and intriguing models and processes to help you break free from destructive beliefs, thoughts, fears and behaviours which hold you back from getting the life you really want.

The name NLP reflects how it works. It addresses our:

  • Neurology – the way our brains and minds work
  • Linguistics – the way language affects the way our brains and minds work
  • Programming – how our brain often seems to be working, sometimes against us, in very habitual ways


The best part is that the change can be fast and long-lasting. Sometimes issues such as phobias or beliefs which have held us back for years can be changed in just one session. After all, often it is just the way we think about things that needs changing.