Support for Parents

If you’ve landed on this page, then you probably feel that your teenager is bursting with potential but perhaps needs a helping hand to recognise their inner brilliance. Perhaps they are constantly comparing themselves to their friends and feeling that they don’t match up. Or maybe they are too shy to be who they really are and spend their time trying to hide the “real” them. 

NLP can help.

How do I know that NLP can help?

Because I’ve been there.

I’ve been in that situation with one of my own children, where I have felt overwhelmed by not knowing how best to help.  I went through years of trying every different therapy and tactic I could think of without success. Then I found NLP. Not only did it transform my child’s issue but it transformed my response to it. Read more about our story here.

If your teen is not yet ready to work with a stranger, that’s ok. I can work with you, the parent, to help your child to appreciate their unique potential. 

Usually, 1-3 one-hour sessions is enough to provide you with a new set of tools to help your teen recognise just how amazing they really are. 

Let's work together to bring harmony back to your household