Flexible Marking Package

Is your teen in Year 11? Do they need some more exam practice? Are they unsure what to do next to improve their grade?

I can set and mark papers for GCSE English Language and/or GCSE English Literature and provide detailed, individual feedback so that your teen can learn precisely what they need to do to make rapid progress before the exams.

What is the difference between this and 1:1 tuition?

1:1 tuition is great for teaching your teen the content of the course.

However, by the time a student gets to Year 11, they will often have been taught the majority of the course already. Therefore, what they need most is practice, practice and more practice. This will give them the confidence to think independently so that they can perform at their best under exam conditions.

I have consistently found that students who complete one exam question per week independently perform better in the final exam.

How does it work?

I will have an initial 15 minute meeting with your teen to discuss their individual goals and create a plan.

I will then provide an exam paper for your teen to complete each week. We will agree on a set weekly deadline for the work to be emailed to me.

I will then record myself giving detailed, individual feedback to the student with suggestions of areas in which they can improve. Your teen will be able to see their work on the recording as I am delivering the feedback. This recording will be sent to them at an agreed time each week and they will be able to watch the recording as many times as they want to.

I will point out the best ways to pick up the maximum marks for each question to help your teen make rapid progress.

How much does it cost?

The cost will be £100 per month for a minimum of 3 months. This is £40 per month less than weekly 1:1 tuition.

Is your child’s biggest barrier exam nerves or lack of self belief?

I can help with this too. Using the principles of Neuro-Linguisitic Programming, Hypnotherapy and Coaching, I can help your teen remove the limiting beliefs which are holding them back from achieving their potential. Click here to find out more.