Employment Coaching 16+

Coaching for young people starting out in the workplace

Together we will work out what your son or daughter really wants from life and create a workable plan to get there. 

Has your son or daughter just finished at school or university? Are they confused and unsure about their next steps? Or maybe they have just started their first job and are feeling completely unfulfilled.

Perhaps they are asking themselves at least one of the following questions:

  • What is it that I want to do?
  • I did ‘everything’ that ‘everybody’ told me to do – I worked hard at school/college/university. Why haven’t I found work that I enjoy?
  • It’s not fair – why are there no opportunities for me?
  • I really want to work hard and be successful but where do I start?
  • Why do other people seem to get the success they want and not me?


Believe me, I get it. I was in that state of feeling “lost” myself (for far too many years!). When I look back to my first 3 jobs in my early 20s, I spent most of my time clock-watching, living for the weekends and generally feeling quite unfulfilled.

I will help your child avoid these unhappy years and get straight on with achieving the fulfilment and success that they deserve. I will provide the kind of coaching and support that I wish I had been given in my 20s.

We spend so much time at work, so being happy in our jobs really is an important part of good mental health.

The current school system is such that many young people may never have had the opportunity to learn to use their own initiative. They will probably have been told what to learn, when to learn and how to learn it. They are taught to pass exams and many may not have given much thought to what comes next.  Therefore, their first job can be utterly overwhelming for them.

In my experience, most young people want to be successful in the workplace but often they just don’t know where to start.

The good news is that the barriers which are holding them back can often be quickly and effectively removed.

How can I help? 

I offer a 6-week programme (6 x 1 hour sessions) to help young people discover what they really want to achieve in their lives and I support them to create a plan to reach their goals.

Your investment: £400

How does this work?

During session 1, I will demonstrate to the client how Neuro-Linguisitic Programming and Coaching works and how it can help them.

This session is about building rapport and finding out what the client really wants. It is also an opportunity to identify self-sabotaging patterns or limiting beliefs which may be holding the client back.

Sessions 2 – 6 will be tailored to the client’s individual journey, based on outcomes from the first session but may include:

  • How to focus on what they really want
  • How to understand what’s holding them back and how to change this using NLP and coaching techniques
  • How to develop positive belief systems
  • Identifying short term and long term goals
  • Creating a plan to achieve these goals

Let's work together to help your young adult to reach their full potential