Drip Feed GCSE English Preparation Course 

Is your son or daughter in year 9, 10 or 11?

Do they often feel overwhelmed by exam revision?

Then this 6 week AQA GCSE English Language course is for them.

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at students who have already been taught the AQA GCSE English Language course at school but need some focused practice.

As students can choose when they complete the 10-15 minutes of work each day, it can easily fit around other commitments.

When does this course start?

The next course will begin on any Monday of your choice and will run for 6 consecutive weeks.

How does it work?

For 6 weeks, I will provide (via email) one question in the style of the AQA GCSE English Language paper per day (Monday to Friday) for your son/daughter to complete. This will take approximately 10-15 minutes per day.

Over the course of a week, your son or daughter will have attempted a whole paper.

On Friday of each week, I will send out a pre-recorded lesson in which I will go through some possible answers to the questions for that week. I will point out the best ways to pick up the maximum marks for each question. This lesson can then be watched as many times as the student requires.

Why have I structured the course this way?

I have structured the course this way because many students feel overwhelmed by the amount they need to revise and do not know where to start. The student must only commit to 15 minutes per day, which can be slotted in amongst other commitments. In addition, by concentrating only on one question per day, the feeling of overwhelm is decreased.

How much does it cost?

The course costs £97 for 6 weeks.

What if your child needs more individual feedback?

If your child needs more individual feedback, you can book weekly 1:1 tuition sessions with me by contacting me directly.

One Saturday a month, I offer one-off 1:1 slots, without the need for long-term commitment. Again, these can be booked by contacting me directly.

Is your child’s biggest barrier exam nerves or lack of self belief?

I can help with this too. Using the principles of Neuro-Linguisitic Programming, Hypnotherapy and Coaching, I can help your child
remove the limiting beliefs which are holding them back from achieving their potential. Click here to find out more.