CV and Personal Statement Writing

Are you or your teen just starting out in the workplace or looking to change career direction?

Does the thought of writing a CV or application letter put you straight into master procrastinator mode? You are not alone.

Sometimes it can be less than easy to stand back and see our many skills and talents objectively. Our inner critic often pipes up with less than useful comments: Does that sound arrogant? Is that even relevant?

But it doesn’t need to be that way. It can be fun.

Your CV, personal statement or application letter tells your story. It is important that it is bursting with your unique energy, personality and style to set you apart. I can help you do this.

I will meet you for a relaxed chat over a coffee (in person or virtually – whichever suits you best) where I will ask you about what really lights you up and energises you. We can talk about anything and everything that you love.

From this information, we will identify your natural talents, skills and passions. These are the most important parts of a CV.  

Using this information, I will create a detailed, professional CV or application that shines a light on your unique strengths and talents, matching your previous experiences to evidence these. I will capture your “voice,” so that your personality shines through.

Are you ready to ditch the usual, dry “I’m a team player” stock phrases and create something that captures who you really are?