Coaching Testimonials

Our daughter needed help with anxiety and feelings of very low self-worth, leading to self-harm and extremely negative thoughts.

I knew she needed help, other than the support we were able to offer her.

Charlotte worked with her via zoom, offering a mix of NLP, tasking practices, breathing and grounding techniques that have enabled our daughter to understand and implement balanced actions to build her confidence back up.

Our daughter is now engaging more positively with her siblings and looking forward to returning to school.

Charlotte’s knowledge of the teaching environment also helped our daughter create balance in her experiences with online teaching, setting boundaries for perfectionism and celebrating achievements, however small they are.

Charlotte also offers appropriate insights into the sessions, so you can reinforce the practices when the coaching sessions are no longer required. Thank-you Charlotte for your help.

I recently contacted Charlotte for help with my teenage daughter who was experiencing anxiety and not feeling able to go into school.

After just a couple of sessions my daughter learnt techniques to help her feel more in control and less anxious. She has returned to school and the change in her has been remarkable.

Charlotte has done an amazing job with her and has a very gentle approach. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Charlotte worked with my daughter and I found the outcome from the sessions really positive.

There was a clear change in my daughter’s approach to problems and obstacles. This was something that had been a stumbling block previously and I was really impressed with the rapid change in approach to these things. This showed immediately in work grades and I noticed a new sense of self- confidence in my daughter. She seemed happier and more positive.

A few months on, this same positive approach is still present.

I would return to see Charlotte as it is clear that my daughter felt safe and comfortable with the whole process and the sessions had an immediate positive effect.

I really enjoyed doing my NLP sessions with Charlotte. It was really useful and had a long-lasting effect.

I like how it focuses on the positive things and draws a big line under all the negative things. I especially enjoyed it when we did physical activities although I still liked the parts where we talked. I found it really helpful that Charlotte gave a description of what NLP is because I then understood exactly what we were doing and how it could help with many different things in my life.

I felt safe to ask or say anything because it is confidential. Charlotte won’t tell anyone about what you have discussed. You have the freedom to tell her as much or as little about it as you want. I would recommend working with Charlotte because it is fun and extremely helpful.