Let’s help your teen find their inner brilliance!

Hi I’m Charlotte,

I will work with your quiet, shy and under-confident teen to help them find their voice. Through discovering what they really want in life, we will work together to find their self-belief so that they can fulfil their ambitions and dreams with confidence. 

I am also an experienced English teacher and examiner and I tutor for 11+, GCSE, A-level, Adult Literacy and TEFL. 

Old habits are easy to change. I can help your teen overcome the barriers which are holding them back from living their best life in just a few sessions. 

Everybody is capable of improving their English skills. I can offer support packages to help your teen to confidently pass their exams. 

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teenager procrastination

Why is your teen really procrastinating?


Your teen will probably have no more idea why they are avoiding the task than you do, so asking them “why…?” is often futile and this is sometimes what leads to the arguments.

At the root of the procrastination will be an emotion – upset, sadness, fear, boredom, resentment, anxiety or frustration. Ask them instead what it is that they are REALLY trying to avoid.

Once your teen recognises this emotion and names it, it can often be quickly and easily released.

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