Is your teen struggling with anxiety at school? 

Hi I’m Charlotte,

I am a Confidence Coach for teens. I will work with  your under-confident teen to help them find their voice. Through discovering who they really are and what they really want in life, I can help them access the confidence and self-belief within them so that they can pass exams, form positive relationships and be happy. 

I am also an experienced English Teacher and Examiner and I tutor for 11+, GCSE, A-level, Adult Literacy and TEFL. 

Old habits are easy to change. I can help your teen overcome the barriers which are holding them back from living their best life in just a few sessions. 

Everybody is capable of improving their English skills. I can offer support packages to help your teen to confidently pass their exams. 

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How to Help your Teen Through Exam Result Uncertainty

It is less than easy for teens at the moment. All their lives they have been told that their exam results at GCSE and A-level will determine their future and now they are not sitting these exams at all but are relying on their teachers to award them the grades they think that they deserve. Your teen may be feeling uncertainty.

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How to Help your Teen Become Independent and Successful

Years of conditioning have taught us that in order to be “a good parent” we need to be constantly present to ensure that our kids don’t fail. When they do, we think it’s our job to fix it. How will we ever know what they are capable of if we don’t let them go?

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How to Help Your Teen Have GOOD Mental Health

If your teen is currently feeling sad, stressed, lonely or anxious, these are normal human emotions and let’s face it, unsurprising in the circumstances we are currently living in.  If they are telling you that they feel these things, that’s even better. This means that they are acknowledging their emotions and processing them. Emotions pass and will not inevitably lead to any long-term “crisis”.

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