Hi, I’m Charlotte

My mission is to help your quiet, reserved teen get the grades they deserve, appreciate their unique skills and talents and choose a career path that suits them (not necessarily in that order!)

A fish can’t survive on land.

An elephant can’t climb a tree.

But in their preferred environment, they thrive. The same is true of your teen.

The key to your teen’s success is for them to understand the conditions they need to thrive – their unique learning style, their values, their passions, their environment.  

That’s where I come in.

For the past 18+ years, I have supported hundreds of teens like yours (who believed they had no confidence!) to surpass their expectations in exams, get into their first choice of school or college and ace the interview for their dream job.

I have many labels.

I’m a coach and a mentor (yep, there is a difference). An English teacher. A tutorA GCSE Examiner. A mum of two teens. A writer. An introvert. A cold-water-swimming lover of cake.

Whichever title you prefer, my purpose is this: to give sensitive teens like yours the confidence to set and achieve their own goals (not those set for them by their parents, teachers, friends, Auntie Linda or Bob next door…).

I will be your teen’s cheerleader (minus all the chanting and the pom poms … like I said, I’m an introvert).  

Success stories

Tips and advice

Why it’s ok if your teen doesn’t want to achieve top grades in their exams

This might seem a bit controversial.

Surely all teens “should” study hard and “should” try to achieve “top grades” … shouldn’t they?

Hmmm. This is what we are programmed to believe, isn’t it?

But here’s the thing: studying to the exclusion of all else to achieve top grades might not align with your teen’s values. And living a life which is not aligned to our values is a recipe for unhappiness.

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